Our Portfolio

Our Google Ads Results:

Service Company based of Dubai (Client: confidential)

A Dubai based service company  was struggling to keep their CPC low and attract high intent customers through online advertising. They turned to our Google Ads services for help. With our targeted strategy and well defined ad placement techniques, we were able to drive significant traffic to their website and improve their CPC. The company now boasts an amazing CPC, resulting in increased online sales and brand visibility. Our unique top-bottom approach allowed the company to maximize their advertising budget and achieve great ROI. They are now a growing business with a strong online presence and 230% growth month on month.

Ecommerce Business: psjewellery.in

The jewelry company was facing challenges with poor online sales. 

We helped the company by creating a targeted Google Ads campaign, using relevant keywords and ad placements to reach its target audience. We also implemented advanced tracking and analysis to measure the success of the campaign and make necessary optimizations. This case study shows the impact that a well-managed Google Ads campaign can have on a business.

Modern Foot-ware Ecommerce Business:

The company was studt with 2X ROI and was not able to grow, but once we took over their Google Ads the results were outstanding. Within just a few months of launching the Google Ads campaign by us , the company’s ROI increased from 2x to almost 5x. Their relevant user traffic grew by over 200%, and their online sales increased by over 300%. The targeted advertising efforts helped the company to reach their target audience and increase conversions, resulting in a significant increase in ROI and Profits.

E-commerce Online Personalised Gifting Business

A small e-commerce business specializing in unique personalised gifting, was struggling to generate online sales and reach its target audience. Despite having a visually appealing website and amazing quality of products. 
That was until they decided to invest in Google Ads.

Overall, their partnership with our Google Ads services has been a huge success. The company was able to reach its target audience, drive more traffic and unbelievable sales to its website, and ultimately achieve its business goals.

Client: Saas Company

The company was struggling to get quality users and was having a huge costs to acquire right user.

Within a month of targeting the right user and perfect campaign strategy, we were able to reach a position where we started to get amazing monthly and quarterly results. As you can see in the screenshot we were able to drive massive revenue of 1.49 Million by spending just 297K in a quarter. The company earlier used to generate ~450K on similar spends. We were basically able to drive 4X better results in just 1 quarter with no increase in spends.

Our SEO Results:

SEO Case Study 1 - Client: Confidential

This company approached us for help with their struggling online presence. 

Our SEO team at Clickofy Media developed a tailored strategy that focused on improving their website’s technical performance, enhancing the user experience, and creating high-quality content that resonated with their target audience. The results were impressive. The business saw a significant increase in organic traffic, better search engine rankings, and a noticeable boost in conversions. 

The improved online presence has provided the business with a new stream of qualified leads and increased brand visibility, helping them stay ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive and data-driven approach has been key to their success and we are proud to deliver this. 

SEO Case Study 2 - Client: Confidential

This business was facing a declining online presence and revenue. 

With our latest SEO strategy that focused on technical optimization, user experience, and high-quality content. The results were nothing short of outstanding. 

The business saw a massive increase search engine rankings, and a significant boost in conversions. The result was a substantial increase in revenue for the client, making them one of our most successful case studies to date. This confidential business has now established itself as a leader in their industry, all thanks to our team SEO expertise and the trust of client in us which motivated us to deliver the BEST.

Our Creative Designs: