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Welcome to Clickofy Media, We are Offering Google Ads Marketing Services. 

PPC advancing is ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising. It means you will be paying only each time someone truly taps on one of your adverts. With regards to advanced promoting, there is sometimes such a thing is called a certification.

In other words, you can never very verify how your undertakings will land, and whether you will end up being your standing and arrangements in the way that you merit for the proportion of effort you put in. Quite possibly the main thing to constantly remember with any SEO organization, for example, is that they can’t ensure to get you to number one for some arbitrary watchword.

We ensure that all the essential segments that can affect your rankings on Google AdWords are taken into thought. Instances of PPC promoting are Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords.

Google Adwords campaign are now called as Google Ads management or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a next adaptation of acquiring Search Results with SEO, as one of the better and abstained approaches to procure leads and increment. Google adwords or Google Ads are specialists dominate in lessening the average cost per click.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube, being quite possibly the most addictive social media channel, it has been fiercely utilized for brand promotions and video advertisements. Ads for movie promotion, short film promotions, funds pulling charity organisations, promotions for crowdfunding etc., have been benefited by YouTube ads. A greater part of YouTube display ads or YouTube video ads have been used via Google Adwords.

Display Advertising

Google Display Ads are significantly rushed to assemble a brand image with its adjustable showcase according to the prerequisite in websites among world wide web. As the client gets more appealing to the visual substance (pictures or recordings) as opposed to message content, Display promotions/ads are broadly utilized by corporates for brand building exercises. Show promotions are basically run on YouTube in today’s trend.

Remarketing Ads​

Re-targeting your website traffic with re-marketing strategies through Social Media channels and attractive websites will bring about the good conversion rate of leads. With this process we can follow the potential lead till they get converted as clients, this can be bound to be a CRM apparatus for an organisation.

Mobile Advertising

In today’s trend the quantum of website based traffic has been gradually decreasing and it has become mandatory to display our ads on mobile, to reach likely clients, versatile promotions group centers around publicizing the best running portable applications,